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Future development direction of double shaft shredder

The twin-shaft shredder is mainly composed of a moving knife roller, a fixed knife, a carrying box, a box support, a feeding system, a power system, and an electrical control system. Due to its low speed and high torque, the twin-shaft shredder is suitable for crushing relatively hard or bulky materials. Such as metal, wood, tire rubber, circuit boards, waste appliances and so on. The future development direction of the dual-shaft shredder is as follows: The development direction of the future industry of the dual-shaft shredder through the continuous application of high technology ... [View Details +]

What are the main items required for the operation of the twin shaft shredder

The twin-shaft shredder is a large-scale shredder. Sometimes there are many precautions when using it. At this time, the shredder needs to be standardized. Then we will analyze the matters needing attention. What are the main items required for the operation of the twin-shaft shredder? 1. The distribution table of the twin-shaft shredder should allow the operator to see the operation of each part. The distribution table of the electric mixer should be covered with rubber board or boring wooden board, both ... [View Details +]

What to do if the main shaft of the tire shredder is bent

The tire shredder plays a crucial role in the batch recovery of used tires. It is the most potential shredder in the shredder market today. The tire shredder's spindle may bend. What should we do? What to do? What should I do if the main axis of the tire shredder is bent? 1. Affects the service life of the spindle; 2. Dry and cutting of the blade, reducing the service life of the blade; [View Details +]

Wood shredder is a new era of energy-saving environmental protection equipment

Social development. People's awareness of environmental protection is getting stronger and stronger. People are beginning to notice that a good environment can bring us a more pleasant living environment in addition to a pleasant working environment. The wood shredder is a professional equipment for recycling waste wood. It can make a great contribution to our environment. The trees grow for a long time, the lack of wood resources is achieved, and the waste wood can be used well. Social ... [View details +]

Plastic shredder promotes recyclable waste resources

In order to promote the recycling of waste resources, plastic shredders are used in the market. As plastic shredder equipment, the greater the market utilization rate, coupled with the lack of resources, people have demanded the performance of plastic shredders. Higher and higher, plastic shredders effectively promote the development of environmental protection market. Plastic shredder promotes the recycling of waste resources. Plastic shredder equipment is used in the plastic recycling industry, often used for waste products ... [View Details +]

The development of the metal shredder industry has entered a new era

With the development of science and technology, the development of metal shredders has made great progress so far. At present, the metal shredder industry in China is developing rapidly. With the increasing environmental protection requirements at home and abroad, the development of environmental protection equipment such as metal shredders has entered a new period. The development of the metal shredder industry has entered a new era, especially after entering the 21st century. The production and sales of metal shredders have grown rapidly. Enterprises joining the production of metal shredders ... [View Details +]

Wood shredder operation precautions

Nowadays, wood shredders in the society are more commonly used in recycling equipment. The wood shredders produced by our company have been well received by customers in the shredder industry. Today we focus on analyzing the precautions of wood shredders. Precautions for the operation of the wood shredder 1. The wood shredder can be started to work under the condition that the chassis is stable and the lines are connected normally, and then don't rush to discharge the material, first see if the destruction machine is working properly, this ... [ View details +]

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