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How to avoid jam in the production process
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Although the dual-shaft shredder is known as a multifunctional shredder, it only represents a wide range of shreds, such as thicker metal blocks, or materials with hard materials, or more than shredder shredders. These materials in the range of material sizes are not suitable for direct shredding. Forced shredding of these materials will cause the double-shaft shredder to jam and seriously damage the machine. What about the phenomenon?
How to avoid the jam in the production process of the double-shaft shredder We should have an understanding of the double-shaft shredder. When using it, follow the methods below to avoid jamming, so that the equipment will have a longer service life.
1. Do not exceed the hardness range of the shredded material of the twin shaft shredder;
2. Do not exceed the maximum range of materials shredded by the twin shaft shredder;
3. It is necessary to operate the twin-shaft shredder in strict accordance with the rules. For some uncertain and difficult materials, we must do a test machine of the shredder in advance to avoid the occurrence of jamming of the shredder to the greatest extent.

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