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Double shaft shredder manufacturers choose shredder model based on material
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Various models of shredders have different names except for their operating principles. The twin-shaft shredder is based on the model you choose, the output is different, and the price is also very different. A variety of scrap metal equipment, which materials can be used for shredders Many people do not know very much, there are so many scrap metal materials, so which ones need shredders? The twin-shaft shredder manufacturer chooses the shredder model according to the material.
Double shaft shredder manufacturers choose shredder model based on material
1. Can shredder: This kind of equipment is mainly used for cans and paint buckets. Although it can also crush other materials, it is basically small and medium-sized materials, such as waste. Electrical components, circuit boards, etc .;
2. Automobile shredder: This kind of shredder has relatively broader requirements for materials, and effectively breaks materials such as bicycles, motorcycles, and automobile iron sheets;
3. Scrap steel shredder: This kind of shredder has strong adaptability to the hardness of the material, and the material with hardness of steel plate can also be easily broken.
Under normal circumstances, we use shredder materials extensively, and we need to select specific models for specific materials. Large shredders have a wider range of crushing capabilities and materials, while small ones For the problems of material input, the choice of materials should be relatively small. Most users recycle everything. Paint buckets, cans, bicycles, colored steel tiles, car shells, etc. are all coming. If you want to use a machine to break them all, you need to use as much as we say. The function shredder is up. Regarding the performance of this device, please pay attention to our website.

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