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The advent of dual-shaft shredder equipment has many social benefits

With the continuous increase of the sales volume of various metal products in China, the production speed of metal products is getting faster and faster, and more and more metal resources are consumed. Many waste metals cannot be effectively recycled and reused, and environmental problems caused by them have become increasingly prominent. No matter from the perspective of metal resource recycling and reuse, or the effective disposal of garbage, the advent of the twin-shaft shredder equipment has many benefits to society. Twin shaft shredder equipment ... [View Details +]

How to avoid jam in the production process

Although the dual-shaft shredder is known as a multifunctional shredder, it only represents a wide range of shreds, such as thicker metal blocks, or materials with hard materials, or more than shredder shredders. These materials in the range of material sizes are not suitable for direct shredding. Forced shredding of these materials will cause the double-shaft shredder to jam and seriously damage the machine. ... [View details +]

Double shaft shredder manufacturers choose shredder model according to material

Various models of shredders have the same name except for their operating principles. The twin-shaft shredder is based on the model you choose, the output is different, and the price is also very different. The shredder is specialized for crushing. Many scrap metal equipment, which materials can be used for shredders Many people do not know very much, there are so many scrap metal materials, so which ones need to use shredders? Double shaft shredder ... [View details +]

What different materials can a shredder shred

In recent years, twin-shaft shredders have been exported to domestic and foreign markets, leading the fashion trend of domestic and foreign industries with unique and novel designs, and bringing a unique aesthetic experience to our customers. With the continuous expansion of the market for paint buckets, color steel tiles, and waste circuit board recycling equipment, what different materials can be shredded by the twin-shaft shredder are people's concern. What are the different materials that the double shaft shredder can shred? The double shaft shredder is used to shred plastic, rubber, fiber ... [View Details +]

Tire shredder icing on the cake for China's environmental protection cause

With the development of the automobile industry, the number of automobiles owned by various countries is increasing with each passing day. With this, the number of used automobile tires is increasing, which seriously endangers the environment on which human beings live and destroys the ecological balance. The used tire recycling equipment is to kill them. In the cradle. In 2001, China's tire output reached more than 13.35 million, ranking third in the world. At present, China produces more than 50 million used tires every year, as cars enter families and ... [View Details +]

How the double shaft shredder guarantees the normal production process

The dual-shaft shredder is the leading industry equipment in the shredder industry in China. The benefits created by such a device are obvious to all. How to ensure the normal production process of the double-shaft shredder is a problem that all manufacturers must pay attention to. How to ensure the normal production process of the twin-shaft shredder is a necessary condition to be able to flexibly use the twin-shaft shredder in production. Only in this way can the real increase in work output and save at the same time ... [View Details +]

The role of shredding materials

Anyone who has a basic understanding of the twin-shaft shredder knows that the biggest advantage of the twin-shaft shredder is not only saving energy and improving efficiency, but also recycling waste and reducing pollution. The application range of the twin-shaft shredder is also very wide. Extensive, here mainly introduces the role of shredded materials of the twin-shaft shredder: The role of shredded materials of the twin-shaft shredder is the first. The shredded particles of the twin-shaft shredder are small, so that it is more convenient to transport and reduce costs. Second, double ... [View details +]

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