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Henan Chenyang Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing company dedicated to the development, design, manufacturing and sales of machinery and equipment for the environmental protection and recycling industries. The company takes "technology, environment, resources" as its core concept, and is committed to creating a collection of "research and development of environmental protection equipment", "recycling and dismantling of metal waste and scrapped cars", "recycling of urban waste and domestic waste", Recycling resources ”and“ green energy ”are developed into a circular economy industrial chain.

Our company has advanced R & D center and various processing equipment and testing facilities. There are more than 100 employees in the company, including more than 10 engineers responsible for technology development. With its own intellectual property rights and advanced technology, it has become a modern enterprise focusing on "pulverization" and "solid waste recycling and treatment".

The business scope has covered the fields of recycling, crushing and sorting of waste metal, tires, plastics, wood, glass, paper products, wires and cables, and housings of home appliances. Stand-alone products are mainly crushers, shredders, shredders, briquetting machines, gantry shears, crocodile shears, mobile crushing stations, etc. Production lines include: waste car crushing and recycling production lines, waste tire crushing and recycling production lines, and waste plastics Crushing cleaning and recycling production line, waste household appliances crushing and recycling production line, solid waste treatment production line.

Facing the historical opportunity of "striving to build a beautiful China and realize the sustainable development of the Chinese nation", the company will be more determined to achieve leap-forward development with innovation-driven development, and is committed to building a resource and environmental service enterprise to achieve a resource-saving and environment-friendly society. The sustainable development of human society contributes even greater strength.

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