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Box crusher, also known as square box crusher, is an absorber of advanced technology at home and abroad. It integrates ordinary heavy hammer crusher, impact crusher, vertical shaft heavy hammer crusher and various types of hammers (plate hammer) to carry out stone processing. On the principle of crushing machinery, after optimized design, the latest generation of crushing machinery products are manufactured. The method of controlling the size of the discharged particles with purlins has been changed to reduce the wear of the hammer head in the crushing cavity and make the hammer head The service life is increased by 4-6 times, and each hammer can crush 30,000-40,000 tons of stone, realizing a major breakthrough in crushing technology, and truly achieving the effect of twice the effort.

Application range of square box crusher: mine, stone yard, stone yard.
Square box crusher application materials: limestone, granite, shale, weathered rock, perlite, river pebble and other ore materials.
Outstanding advantages of square box crusher:
1. Large feed size, large crushing ratio and uniform discharge.
2. High yield, granular products account for about 85 percent, which fully meets the requirements for use.
3. The box crusher's hammer shaft is adjustable and the hammer head has a long life.
4. The grid size is adjustable, the grain size of the product is controllable, and the particle shape is good.
5. The box crusher case can be turned over for easier maintenance.
6. Square shank bolt, impact resistance, wear resistance.
7. High output and stable performance.
8. Coarse and medium crushing is in one step, and the process is simplified.
9. High wear-resistant material hammer head, stern plate and impact plate for longer service life.
10. The supporting power is small, the energy consumption is low, the maintenance is simple, and the wearing parts are few.
The working principle of the square box crusher <br /> The stone falls directly from the top of the machine into a high-speed rotating turntable. Under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, high-speed impact and high-density crushing occur. After the stones hit each other, they will The vortex movement is formed between the turntable and the casing, which causes multiple hits, frictions, and pulverization until it is pulverized to the required particle size.
The box crusher is widely used in the primary and secondary crushing of various materials with compressive strength below medium and upper hardness. It is especially suitable for the crushing of materials used in mining, building materials, chemical and metallurgical industries, and the compressive strength of their materials. Not more than 100 MPa and humidity not more than 15 percent.

Technical parameters of square box crusher

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