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VSI series new sand making machine is another new generation of sand making machine successfully developed by our company. Years of technology accumulation and modern processing equipment precision production have ensured the VSI series of new sand making machines in the forefront of the industry. High cost performance and high reliability. The VSI series new sand making machine is a new type of sand making equipment with improved design, which is based on China's working conditions, introduces German new research technology, and has been improved.

Application range of VSI series new sand making machine:

1. Artificial sand made of river pebble, mountain stone (limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, etc.), ore tailings, and stone debris.

2. Production of construction aggregate, highway fabric, cushion material, asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregate.

3. Water conservancy and hydropower in the engineering field, high-grade highways, expressways, high-speed railways, passenger dedicated lines, bridges, airport runways, municipal engineering, high-rise building sand production and stone shaping.

4. Fine grinding process in the front of grinding in the mining industry, crushing of materials in the building materials, metallurgy, chemical, mining, refractory, cement, abrasive and other industries.

5. Environmental protection projects such as high abrasion and secondary disintegration and crushing, desulfurization in thermal power and metallurgical industries, crushing of steel slag and construction waste.

6. Production of glass, quartz sand and other high-purity materials.

VSI series new sand making machine uses and advantages:

1. Large processing capacity and high output: Compared with traditional equipment under the same power, the output is increased by 30% and the operation is stable;

2. Low consumption of wearing parts: good impact angle design of the crushing cavity material, less friction with wear-resistant parts, 30% lower operating cost than traditional equipment, directly reducing the cost of equipment;

3. Excellent grain shape: the product is cube-shaped, with good grain shape, reasonable gradation, and adjustable fineness modulus; it is especially suitable for artificial sand and stone shaping, and it has been proven that the effect of sand and shaping is 30% higher than other traditional equipment;

4.Hydraulic device and easy maintenance: The hydraulic cover opening device makes the maintenance and removal of the components in the crushing cavity convenient and quick, which shortens the downtime and saves time and effort;

5, automatic detection, safety and reliability: set over vibration display and alarm device, if the equipment malfunctions, you can issue a warning to stop the equipment to achieve the purpose of protecting the machine;

6. Thin oil lubrication and automatic maintenance: German original thin oil lubrication station, dual oil pumps complement each other to ensure oil supply, and automatic shutdown when there is no oil flow or oil pressure; oil cooling and heating devices ensure that the bearing lubrication is always in good condition. So as to completely solve the problems such as bearing heating, keep the spindle bearings at a constant temperature, and extend the maintenance cycle and service life;

7, simple installation, easy to operate: light weight equipment, various installation methods, mobile installation; simple installation, maintenance and maintenance, easy to use; once the specific purpose is clear, VSI sand making machine only needs to make fine adjustments, then Maximize its superior performance;

8. One machine is multi-purpose and flexible in application: The unique feed crushing structure has multiple crushing cavity types, which can easily realize the conversion of "stone-to-stone" and "stone-to-iron", thereby solving the problem of multi-use of one machine. If you want to change the application of the VSI sand making machine, you don't need to make large adjustments. It can meet the different needs of users: artificial sand making, crushed stone shaping, abrasive materials, etc .;

9, international quality assurance: German new technology, riveting technology application and automotive process appearance blasting and rust removal treatment and painting process application, greatly improving the intrinsic quality and appearance of the equipment. The core parts are selected from internationally renowned brands (bearings use high-precision TIMKEN rolling bearings) to ensure a low failure rate of the system;

10. Low noise and no pollution: The air self-circulation system greatly reduces the amount of exhaust air, reduces dust, and is conducive to environmental protection. In addition, the VSI sand making machine is reserved and suitable for installing dust removal equipment of various specifications.

VSI series new sand making machine technical parameters:

model VSI-7611 VSI-8518 VSI-9526 VSI-1140 VSI-1145
Processing capacity (t / h) Waterfall and center feed 120-180 200-260 300-380 450-520 500-640
Full center feed 60-90 100-130 150-190 225-260 250-360
Feed side length (mm) Soft material <30 <35 <40 <40 <40
Hard material <25 <30 <35 <35 <35
Speed (r / min) 1700-1890 1520-1690 1360-1510 1180-1310 1100-1310
Double motor power (kw) 110-150 180-220 264-320 400-440 400-440
Dimensions (mm) 3850 2136 2360 4564 2400 2661 5020 2535 3050 5034 2760 3170 5100 2790 3320
power supply 380V 50Hz
Hydraulic lubrication station Motor power (kw) 2 0.31 kw
safety protection The two oil pumps complement each other to ensure oil supply; automatic shutdown without oil flow and hydraulic pressure; water-cooled cooling; winter motor start
Dimensions (mm) 820 520 1270 (mm)
Fuel tank heater power (kw) 2kw
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