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Gantry Shear
630 Gantry Shear
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"Production capacity": 2-4 times / min
"Product Alias": Gantry Shear, Large Hydraulic Shear, Scrap Shear
『Applications』: Cut-to-length cutting of steel profiles and coarse crushing of scrap steel
『Product Overview』: Gantry Scissors, also known as gantry type shears, are suitable for a variety of waste plates, bars, ferroalloys, special sheets, shipboards at ship recycling plants, automobiles, metal briquettes, iron The scrap steel is scrapped and crushed at one time to replace manual disassembly in order to reduce production costs and achieve efficient and convenient results. The 200-1800 ton gantry shears produced by our company adopt the new electro-hydraulic control system, which has the advantages of high automation level, safe and stable work, and outstanding compression effect. In the application of gantry shears, our products are packaged gantry shears and independent gantry rack types for users to choose.
Gantry type shearing machine is a kind of equipment suitable for cutting heavy steel scrap. The gantry type shears produced by our company have a tonnage of 200-1800 tons. The width of the shearing port is 600-2000mm, which is suitable for light and thin steel and steel bars. , Steel plate, nickel plate, steel plate, round steel, steel pipe, copper scrap, steel scrap, iron scrap, light metal structural parts, stainless steel, metal briquetting, car body, aluminum alloy, copper, iron filings, steel wire, automobile, metal pressing The crushing and processing of heavy waste and entangled materials that cannot be processed by scrap steel crushing equipment such as blocks. This series of equipment uses a new electro-hydraulic control system and an enhanced oil cylinder. Its working efficiency can reach 3-6 times / min according to the model. The application of this machine solves the problem of crushing and regeneration of large heavy waste charge. It is widely used in rolling mills, metallurgical plants, and waste steel treatment and recovery units. It is an effective equipment for metallurgical charge treatment and profile cutting.
"Structural principle": The gantry shear consists of a frame, a hydraulic cylinder, a hydraulic power system, and an electrical system. In principle, it works by automatically loading the material box, that is, after the material is grabbed to the material box, the waste is conveyed by the conveyor belt. It is automatically sent to the cutting edge of the knife, and the feeding speed can be adjusted by the speed regulating motor. Side squeezing cylinders are installed on both sides of the bin. If large scraps such as scrapped cars cannot be cut through the gantry shear, the scraps can be squeezed and reduced through the side squeezing cylinders, and then sent to the cutting knife to be cut off through the conveying table.
1. Add a high-pressure filter to the hydraulic system. That is, the hydraulic oil needs to pass through the high-pressure filter before entering the pipeline and the hydraulic control valve. (High pressure filter comes with alarm)
2. Independent air cooling: This machine uses a large air volume air cooler to control the oil temperature of the hydraulic oil within the normal use range. At the same time, the air-cooled machine page solves the problem that the water-cooled machine covers an area that is not convenient for water.
3. PLC hand-automatic control box. Can realize manual and automatic replacement. With remote control operation, realize remote start, stop and automatic operation.
4. Pushing trough with gland: It can realize the feeding automation, and at the same time, the material is pushed along the gland to advance the main cutting machine to cut.
5. Special universal joint device at the front end of the cylinder rod. Effectively protect the cylinder rod from damage.

model Shear force (TON) Capacity (T / H) Knife edge length (MM) Shear angle Material box size (MM) Shearing frequency (times / min) Total machine power (KW) Operation method
Q3150 315 3-5 1200 9 4000 1200 800 2-4 2 * 22 Packing and feeding
Q4000 400 4-7 1400 9 5000 1200 800 2-4 2 * 37
Q5000 500 5-8 1500 9 6000 1500 800 2-4 2 * 45
Q6300 630 8-10 1600 9 8000 1600 1000 2-4 3 * 45
Q8000 800 12-15 1800 9 8000 1800 1000 2-4 3 * 55
Q10000 1000 15-20 2000 9 10000 1800 1200 2-4 4 * 55
Q12500 1250 20-25 2500 9 12000 2500 2000 2-4 4 * 55
Q15000 1500 30-50 2500 9 12000 2500 2000 2-4 4 * 75
Q20000 2000 60-80 2700 9 14000 2700 2400 2-4 6 * 75
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