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Shredder series
Tire shredder
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Tire shredder, also known as intelligent twin-shaft shredder, reduces material size by cutting, tearing and squeezing. The shredders sold by our company have been researched and practiced for many years, and have been improved and sold according to the actual situation in the country. We have launched a series of mature and advanced dual-shaft shredders for the crushing and volume reduction of waste in the early stages of recycling. Provide reliable equipment.
Tires are not only made of rubber, but also steel wire. Therefore, when the tire is shredded, the steel wire inside the tire often needs to be cut together. The tire shredder sold by our company can shred the tire at one time. The steel wire does not need to be reworked. Welcome to our company for inspection. Our company can provide on-site test machine.

Application range of tire shredder: It is widely used in large tires, large nylon materials, rubber head materials, large fish nets, large pipes, fibers, rubber and other large-volume waste.
Tire shredder equipment features
1: Heavy-duty moving knife with high crushing efficiency. All the tools are made of alloy steel for sturdiness and long service life.
2: The frame plate is thick, can resist high torque, and is very strong.
3: It adopts microcomputer (PLC) automatic control, and set start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control functions.
4: The equipment has the characteristics of low speed, high torque, low noise, and dust that can meet environmental protection standards.
5: Easy to adjust, low maintenance cost, economical and durable.
6: Tool thickness and number of jaws can be changed according to different materials
Tire shredder technical parameters:

1200 Shredder specification
Motor Power 75kw * 2
Knife plate size 400mm * 40mm
Infeed conveyor 1200mm * 8000mm power 3kw
Discharge conveyor 1200mm * 8000mm power 3kw
Crushing size 3-8cm
Feed opening size 1500mm * 900mm
Dimensions 5000mm * 2000mm * 3000mm
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